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Nicholas Kioko gets real about the unique challenges of raising twin sons

Kioko revealed that while raising twins has been a whirlwind of hectic yet very fulfilling

Content creator Nicholas Kioko and his family

Content creator Nicholas Kioko recently opened up about the joys and trials of raising his twin sons, Roman and Rommy.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Kioko shared his candid experiences navigating the world of parenting with not one, but two energetic boys.

Kioko revealed that while raising twins has been a whirlwind of hectic yet fulfilling moments, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

One of the most striking aspects of their dynamic is the synchronicity in their actions – from napping to causing tantrums and falling ill, the twins seem to operate on the same wavelength.


"Hakuna time hata moja mmoja ashaikua msick peke yake, hata daktari alitwambia mmoja akiwa msick waleteni hosi wote. Mmoja akiwa msick leo we are sure within the next 24 hours mwingine ni mgonjwa," Kioko revealed, highlighting the remarkable bond between his sons.

Despite their similarities, the twins also exhibit unique traits. While one is a good feeder, the other struggles with feeding.

Additionally, one has emerged as the more active sibling, often taking on the role of teacher as he guides his brother through various activities, such as using electronics around the house.


Nicholas Kioko recently shared a heartwarming tribute to his sons as they celebrated their first birthday.

In an Instagram post, he wrote, "Happy first birthday to our mono mono boys! You guys brought joy in our lives. You’ve made us proud. @rom_twins Roman & Rommy, may you both grow up to be as close as you are today, with twice the love, joy and laughter.

"May your first birthday be filled with the joy that you bring into our lives. We love you cute boys and we will always work hard to give you the best life that we never had."


Kioko and his girlfriend Ashley Wambo welcomed their twin sons in February 2023.


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