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Please rest, I can't be body shamed - Nyamu responds to lady calling her legs toothpick

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu defiantly responds to critic calling her legs toothpick

Karen Nyamu

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is making a bold statement by refusing to let body-shaming affect her choices in fashion.

In a recent social media post, she shared a photo of herself wearing a striking yellow minidress, which led to some negative comments about her slender legs.

However, Karen Nyamu remains unapologetically confident in her skin.


Karen Nyamu revealed the heartwarming story behind the yellow minidress that garnered so much attention.

She disclosed that her partner had bought her the outfit in 2020 during a visit to Nyeri. He was in town for a funeral, and since she had only packed casual clothes, he decided to surprise her with the minidress.

"Hii nguo nilibuyiwa na mpoa wangu 2020, alikua amekaa nyeri 2 days nikaona amekaa sana nikaenda usiku lol. Alikua aende mazishi next day and since I had packed only casual looks, asubuhi tukazunguka nyeri town tukitafuta dress presentable," Karen Nyamu shared.


Despite the wholesome story and the genuine intentions behind the post, it attracted negative comments from some of Karen Nyamu's followers.

One Facebook user, Anita Ann, commented on the post, sparking a wave of critical remarks about the senator's legs.


“Miguu nayo ni toothpick,” Anita Ann commented on Karen Nyamu's post.

Amid the criticism, one loyal fan stepped up to defend Karen Nyamu, urging her not to be affected by the negativity.

“Ndiritu Wa Githui hehehe woishe pls rest. I can’t be body-shamed. I love my legs, that’s why I am always in short clothes,” Karen Nyamu responded.


Karen Nyamu's response reflects her unwavering confidence and self-assuredness. She refuses to conform to societal beauty standards and stands by her choice to wear short and revealing clothing.

Her message is clear: she loves her legs, and no amount of body-shaming will deter her from embracing her body as it is.

Karen Nyamu has shown remarkable resilience, especially in her relationship with Mugithi star Samidoh, amid criticism and accusations of breaking up another woman's relationship. She remains unfazed and continues to live her life stress-free.


In a recent interview with NTV, Nyamu defended her relationship with Samidoh by stating that she is well within the bounds of the law.

She encouraged the interviewer to familiarize himself with polygamy laws, suggesting that she has not broken any legal statutes.

"Do you know the law well? Do you understand the laws? Go and look at the polygamy laws that have been passed in our parliament. So, the questions you are asking me seem to lack a strong foundation because I haven't violated any laws by being in the situation I am in," she explained.


Nyamu also had a message for the youth, urging them to emulate her in pursuing their goals relentlessly.

She emphasised the importance of living a truthful life and encouraged young people not to fear anyone while chasing their dreams, adding that those who go after what they want are often blessed.

In a previous statement, the nominated senator expressed her happiness that her children have a present father, while also hoping that Edday Nderitu, Samidoh's wife, enjoys the same happiness.


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