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Karen Nyamu shuts down NTV presenter for intrusive questions about her life

Nyamu says there are laws that govern polygamy

Karen Nyamu

Nominated UDA Senator Karen Nyamu reached her limit during a live television appearance when questioned about her tendency to showcase her family online.

Nyamu appeared on NTV when the question was posed to her, and she responded by asking if she was the only one who shares her family on social media.

However, NTV presenter Frederick Muitiriri stood his ground, reminding her that, as a leader, such scrutiny comes with the territory.


Nyamu then countered by asking if he had never seen President William Ruto's family featured online.

Sasa hio ni swali gani? Hio swali ambayo ni...niseme fair.It's not a fair question. Huwezi niuliza hivyo kwa sababu kama kuna swali ingine unataka kuuliza niulize," Nyamu declared.

She continued that she should not be asked about parading her family online since many leaders in Kenya share images of their families online.


Frederick Muitiriri declared that the questions he was posing to Nyamu were on behalf of Kenyans, and he directly asked her why she was involved with someone else's husband.

Nyamu appeared visibly upset during the exchange and retorted by asking Muitiriri if he was familiar with the laws regarding polygamy.

"Ünajua sheria vizuri? Unazijua sheria? Enda uangalie sheria ambayo eh...ya polygamy. Ambayo imepitishwa kwa hii bunge yetu.


"Kwa hivyo hizo maswali ambazo unaniuliza naona kama hazina nguvu mkono wala mguu kwasababu sijavunja sheria yeyote kukuwa katika situation mimi niko," Nyamu said.

Nyamu continued by asserting that she is a leader and a law-abiding citizen, even when it comes to matters of polygamy.

She went on to state that the youth should look up to her as a genuine role model, emphasising that she doesn't pretend in any way.


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