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Non-Kenyan fiancé cancelled wedding after he googled me - Sherlyne Anyango

Sherlyne says she regrets exposing her body online

Sherlyne Anyango

Oga Obinna's ex, Sherylne Anyango, opened up in a candid interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, revealing how her plans to marry her non-Kenyan fiancé faced obstacles when his family decided to investigate her further.

According to Sherlyne, they decided to search for her online and stumbled upon stories from her past when she was 19 years old.

She continued by explaining that her boyfriend loved her deeply, but his family saw her past actions as a red flag and advised him against marrying her.


She added that the incident served as an eye-opener for her, realizing how her past actions had interfered with her plans.

She expressed regret over posting online photos of herself in revealing attire, particularly showcasing her butts. She admitted that she wishes she had never shared those images.

Sherlyne revealed that she made a lot of money in 2020 through 'Club Covid', a program that used to be managed by Xtian Dela.


She mentioned that the money was a significant help to her, but she still regrets her nudity on the show, acknowledging that it was not a good choice.

She continued that the money she earned from the program helped her purchase her Sh25 million house, although she also raised additional funds through other private shows she was involved in at the time.

She also mentioned that she constructed a house worth Sh4 million for her parents and used the remaining funds to furnish her own house.


She admitted that she did not struggle to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite many people being adversely affected by it.

Comedian Oga Obinna’s ex-girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango has said Obinna was mistreating her and was part of the reason for their break up.

“Was Obinna treating you right? Au ni baby mama wake anacause drama mingi?” the curious fan asked.


“If he was I would be with him and anyway I wont answer anymore questions about him I’m so happy where I am,” she responded.

Anyango further agreed that Obinna was immature during the time the two were love birds.

The two broke up with Anyango getting married to another fiancé a relationship which did not last.


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