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NTV's Zainab Ismail pays touching tribute to late father on 1st anniversary

NTV news anchor Zainab Ismail lost her father in January 2022

A collage of Zainab Ismail and her late father

NTV news anchor Zainab Ismail has penned a beautiful tribute for her late father who passed on in 2022.

Ismail, in the post, recalls her father’s finals days which she said were not anticipated as he had just suffered a minor illness that she thought would not see him in the hospital long.

She further spoke of the strong relationship she shared with her father even later after she became a mother.

“A time like this one year ago, my life changed. I lost my baba. After one week in hospital, I knew we would take him back home in a day or two and he was optimistic too. God had other plans.


“I would run to my dad whenever anything happened to me. Even as a mother, I would call him like twenty times in a day to ask a bunch of questions about my newborn!” Ismail said.

Ismail explained that she has taken a long time to get over her father’s death because of how close he was to her and the support he showed, especially for her career.

“I kept getting mad at myself because why is it taking so long to 'get over it'?? But it's hard because he meant a lot to me. I have learnt and still learning that losing someone you love can never be fully processed, acknowledging the feeling, and accepting it as it comes,” she noted.


In a message to those grieving, the journalist said it was okay to grieve for whatever period it took without feeling any shame.

“For all those going through grief, take your time, no matter how long it takes, don't be ashamed of the feeling because of how long it took/takes. ..If you wish to cry, just cry...grieve as much as you want. Wishing you all happiness and you will be okay!” she noted.

Ismail anchors NTV's lunchtime and prime-time news.


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