Nyota Ndogo overwhelmed by Emotions as she begs Hubby to comeback on Live Radio

I will fight for our love and I will never let go of you- Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo and her Husband

Singer Nyota Ndogo was on Monday overwhelmed by emotions in the process of explaining why she opted to fight for her love on social media after her Hubby Hunning Neilsen abandoned her.

Speaking to Kiss 100’s Jalang’o and Chito, Nyota sought to clarify that she opted to fight for her love in public basing on the fact that her Husband blocked her on direct calls and the only way she can reach him is via social media.

"I am sure he goes to google so ataziona. Wazungu wakona utani kutuliko. So there could be another issue then that I do not know about. I would not tell people to stop pranking because it is there and is good."

"Yani I have tried it all. I have even reached out to his daughter as we are friends. She said they talk about a lot but as soon as she mentions my name, he ends the call in anger. This I do not know why? I am sure we were okay before the prank so why is he doing this to me? I can go to Denmark even today but when he was leaving he stayed in Amsterdam for such a long time you can imagine how it will be for me who is not a Denmark residence? " said Nyota Ndogo.

In a separate post on her Instagram, the Watu na Viatu maker added that she will fight for her love no matter what.

“We must always remember the good times and the good times will come before us.

I will fight for our love and I will never let go of you. Come back, I miss you so much. My mother-in-law alikua ananifunza lugha” reads Nyota’s post.


In the past few weeks, the coastal based Musician has been appealing to her hubby to come back into her life, after months of no see and communication.

Nyota’ hubby cut off communication with her over an April fool’s day prank that went wrong. In her statement, Nyota mentioned that she misses her hubby, and he doesn't comeback, she will die single.

“Plzz come back to me. mimi hata sio pesa nalilia love. Nilikua na act don't care couse nakula nalala vizuri najilipia bills zangu mwenyewe but one thing nakosa from you ni love. Kumbe pesa sio kila kitu muimu kupata mtu unaempenda na wewe kwako nimefika mwisho yani kama hurudi ntajifia single” shared Nyota Ndogo.


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