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Eric Omondi takes down Odi Wa Murang'a's lies in epic video

Odi Wa Murang'a accused Mi Amor Lounge's bouncers of harassing him in the washroom

Eric Omondi [left] and Odi Wa Muranga

Comedian Eric Omondi has hit back at singer Odi Wa Murang'a, who called out Mi Amor Lounge's bouncers for allegedly sexually harassing him when he went to relieve himself in the washrooms.

Omondi has asked Odi Wa Murang'a to stop tarnishing people's businesses, claiming that he was in the wrong place when he was confronted by the bouncers.

Omondi shared a video from the club, which showed Odi heading straight into the ladies' washroom, with the bouncers following him moments later.


According to Omondi, a lady who was also in the washrooms raised an alarm after seeing Odi in the ladies' restrooms, and that is when the bouncers intervened.

Omondi added that the club has employed more than 60 Kenyans and warned Odi that his actions could result in several people losing their source of income.

"Mazee vijana tukue serious kidogo na life. Sisi tumefungua hustle hapa Lang'ata yakusaidia vijana. Hii club tumefungua hapa ime employ watu ka 60 na wote ni vijana wana hustle for their families. Tusiharibie watu unga na hizi times economy ni ngumu.

"[Hey youths, let's be serious about life. We have established a business here in Lang'ata to help the youth, and this club has employed more than 60 people who are trying to earn a living to provide for their families. Let's not try to ruin people's sources of income]," said Omondi.


Odi Wa Murang'a had explained that while he was at Mi Amor Lounge, one of the bouncers followed him to the washrooms and started touching him indecently, thinking that he was drunk.

"Something happened to me while I had gone to Mi Amor Lounge. So we went and had drinks and I went to the washrooms to relieve myself. One of the bouncers from Mi Amor followed me to the washrooms probably thinking that I was drunk.

"My friend came to my rescue after noticing that I was taking so long in the washroom, and he found the bouncer touching me," the singer explained.


He also mentioned that everything could have gone south were it not for his friend and girlfriend coming to his rescue in the lounge.

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