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Eric Omondi celebrates birthday with message of hope for Kenyans

Eric Omondi has pledged to continue the fight as he turns a year older

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi, a renowned Kenyan comedian, turned 41 years old today and took the opportunity to reflect on his journey and make a vow to his fellow Kenyans.

Through a post on Instagram, he likened his journey to that of the Israelites, who wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before entering the promised land.

"As I turn 41 today I can only reflect on the Journey and Prepare for a brighter future for me and my Countrymen. Just like the Israelites wondered the Wilderness for 40 years, I feel like this is the Year we start our Journey Into that promised land," Omondi wrote.


In his reflection, Eric acknowledged that his journey has been difficult, but he is grateful for the lessons learned along the way.

He also believes the time has come for him and his fellow Kenyans to enter their promised land. Eric's promised land is a brighter and prosperous future where life flows with milk and honey.

"Very soon our lives will flow with Milk and Honey because this is the will of God," He continued.


The phrase 'milk and honey' is often used to describe a land abundant in resources.

In this context, it represents a future where Kenyans will experience prosperity and abundance. Eric has set his faith in a higher power, God, whom he believes will guide and support him on this journey.

Over the past few weeks, Eric Omondi has been actively expressing his concerns about the cost of living. He has even organized protests outside Parliament, vowing to continue until the government takes steps to deal with the burden, particularly regarding the price of maize flour.

"Our agenda is unga [maize flour], kerosene, taxes, and money in the pockets of Kenyans. Hunger does not discriminate. Hunger does not care about your tribe and your landlord does not care about your political party is why we need food on the table of every Kenyan," stated Omondi.


In a video posted on his Instagram account on February 15, Eric observed that many Kenyan youths suffer from a lack of money.


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