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Halloween is very Demonic - Pastor Robert Burale

Mixed reactions over Burale's take

City Preacher Robert Burale

City Preacher Robert Burale has expressed displeasure in believers who have been busy celebrating Halloween, saying that the whole event is very demonic.

In a Facebook post, Burale said; “ How some believers still celebrate Halloween baffles me.... Halloween is very DEMONIC... GOOD DAY”.

The statement sparked mixed reactions among his followers, with a section saying he should not judge others by how they decide to live their life.

Others sided with him, stating that Christians should never celebrate Halloween due to its origin and the meaning behind its celebrations.


Around the world, Halloween or All Saints' Eve, is a celebration observed on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day.

It is used to mark the end of summer and beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death.

In ancient times, on the night of October 31, the world used to celebrate a special event called Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.

Nowadays people celebrate Halloween by re-creating other peoples Images or by donning some scary costumes, with paintings or makeup.



Nyawīra Linguista ‘We obtained the Christian faith from the west why also observe their saitaaann?”

Leah WekatiSame way Christmas celebrations baffle me”

Irene Mureithi “They think "Wamechanuka" but in reality, it's swimming in the deep end of darkness.


Corporate Brands now promoting it too - unfortunately we have a culture of jumping in too soon because of FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out)”

Leo Shabaan “boss. .let us not rush to judgement..Halloween is like doing the Jerusalamu dance in a bar at 11pm and thinking you are a dancing to a gospel song...let folks be”

Oscar Waks Waks “The same people who celebrate that love day called valentine”

Njeri RiongeThe Holy Spirit is not present in anyone who celebrates Halloween. Because The Holy Spirit cannot be found where demons congregate”

Susan Catherine Keter “Christmas, Easter, Halloween all came from the same people. Our forefathers celebrated none of those. So did the system of education we follow, the language we are using right now to communicate, the phones and computers we are using and so much more. Even our names. Live and let live”


Sarah MbulaVery demonic,even the costumes tells it all”

Ole Mary Lioness “It's satanic.and that's people perish because of lack of knowledge.its ignorance”

Gregory Sammy “I believe it's ignorance. Some people celebrate what they don't know and don't take any efforts of knowing what it is”

Julie Hope Murimi “True...we adopt anything from the western without knowing their origin”

Lulu Day “Halloween is for witches and wizards of oz kina Hurry Porter and Free masons..very Demonic indeed”


Metrine Wachie “That's why I don't participate in things I don't know, I can't follow the crowd, am sure most of them who're celebrating don't know its origin and meaning”


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