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Paula Kajala finally clarifies pregnancy news after Marioo's post, Fridah reacts

Marioo & Paula Kajala's love story came to the limelight in May 2023, and they have since become one of the most talked-about celebrity couples.

Marioo and Paula Kajala

Tanzanian model and actress Paula Kajala and her boyfriend, singer Marioo, sent fans into a whirlwind of confusion with a cryptic Instagram post.

On October 29, Marioo shared a photo of Paula, accompanied by a congratulatory message.

While he expressed his pride in Paula's achievements, he carefully avoided mentioning the specific reason for the congratulations.


In his post, Marioo wrote, "Congratulations my love Paula Kajala. Proud of you. I can’t wait…"

The message left fans speculating and eagerly awaiting the reveal of Paula's achievement.

Marioo's post quickly gained traction, with his followers and fans joining in to congratulate Paula.


However, there was a significant twist to the well-wishes. Many comments on the post seemed to misinterpret Marioo's message, assuming that Paula was being congratulated for a pregnancy.

To put the rumors to rest, Paula and her mother, Fridah Kajala, granted an interview on the same day, addressing the pregnancy speculations.

Paula asserted that pregnancy is not something that can be hidden and that everyone will know if and when it happens.


"Nikiwa nayo mtaona kwa sababu mimba haifichiki," She stated.

Fridah Kajala chimed in, clarifying the intent behind Marioo's congratulatory post. According to her, Marioo was congratulating Paula on the opening of her new shop.

"Omari alipost kwa ajili ya kumpongeza kwa kufungua duka. Lakini sababu binadamu tayari walikua wana izo vitu wamejijazia wenyewe. Kwa hivo sisi inabidi tuwaangalie tu," she said.


She further defended her daughter, stating that it's not fair to judge or speculate about Paula's personal life simply because she is a public figure.

Fridah Kajala emphasised that in rural areas, women can give birth even at the age of fifteen or fourteen, and Paula's decision to have a child should be her own and not subject to societal judgment.

"Vijijini watu wanazaa hata na miaka kumi na mitano ama kumi na minne, kwa hiyo msitake ku judge kwa sababu paula anaonekana mitandaoni. Yeye mwenyewe akiona anataka kuzaa mwacheni azae," she said.


Paula's mother, Fridah Kajala, described her daughter as a business-minded individual. Paula recently launched a new shop named Shop with Paula, marking her reentry into the world of retail.

The decision to open a new shop followed the closure of her first one, which she closed down due to limited space.

According to Fridah, the new shop, a joint venture between mother and daughter, offers a more extensive range of clothing for both men and women.


It represents Paula's entrepreneurial spirit and her determination to provide fashion choices to her customers.

Marioo, born as Omary Ally Mwanga, has steadily risen to fame in the Tanzanian music industry. Known for his infectious Amapiano beats and catchy lyrics, he has gained a massive following.

Paula, on the other hand, hails from a family deeply rooted in the Tanzanian entertainment industry. She is the daughter of Frida Kajala, a highly respected actress in Tanzanian cinema.


The couple's love story came to the public's attention in May 2023, and they have since become a prominent celebrity couple, earning themselves the endearing nickname Romeo and Juliet.

Their relationship has captivated fans and the media, making them one of the most talked-about pairs in Tanzanian entertainment.


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