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Paula Kajala explains why she hates Harmonize

Harmonize dated Paula's mother, Fridah, at some point

Paula Kajala

PaulaKajala, the daughter of Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala, shared her perspective on why she harbors strong feelings of dislike towards Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Rajab Abdul, also known as Harmonize.

According to Paula, she believes that people often assume that individuals in the entertainment industry lack boundaries.

This perception may have contributed to Harmonize attempting to pursue a romantic relationship with her while he was still in a relationship with her mother.


Paula's negative feelings towards Harmonize stem from this experience, leading her to express her strong dislike for him.

Harmonize, however, broke up with Fridah. During her recent visit to Kenya, she revealed that she is currently dating a Kenyan politician.

When Frida broke up with Harmonize, she wrote a long post, but she explicitly mentioned that she didn't want anyone to sympathize with her at the time.


She continued by acknowledging that she had made a big mistake, but she also stated that she is not an angel and has learned her lessons.

Additionally, she expressed that she felt she had failed her family, but she had forgiven her ex and was moving on to a new chapter.

Frida Kajala apologized to Paula in one of the episodes of the 'Behind the Gram' TV series and admitted that she had prioritized her relationship over her daughter's well-being.


“I feel like I failed you as a mom. You look up to me for everything. We have a very good bond, but I made a decision that you repeatedly warned me against," Frida said.

She continued to express her apologies for what she did to Paula but acknowledged that there is nothing she can do since the events have already taken place.


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