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Rayvanny breaks silence over Marioo dating his ex Paulah Kajala

Rayvanny has finally addressed claims of his close friend dating his ex-girlfriend

Rayvanny and Paulah Kajala

Tanzanian musician Rayvanny has broken his silence about his ex-girlfriend Paulah Kajala dating his close friend and fellow artist, Marioo.

Rayvanny recently collaborated with Marioo and stated that he is too mature to engage in any conflicts.

He further added that Marioo is his good friend, and they speak a lot, so there is no need for any altercation.


"Just the other day, we did a collaboration, I featured him and he also featured. Where I am right now, I feel like I'm too old for some things. Marioo is my good friend and we speak a lot. We don't need to fight," Rayvanyy said.

Rayvanny, who has recently reconciled with his ex-wife Fayvanny, got a tattoo of her name on his arm. He admitted that it was worth it, even though it was very painful.


Former Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna expressed that he does not allow his friends to date his exes.

He explained that if they do, then that lady would also become their ex, which he finds problematic.

When asked to elaborate on his statement, Oga clarified that his ex is still a part of him, and their souls are connected, making it uncomfortable for him to see someone he knows intimately with his ex.


"If you are my friend, my ex is your ex. There is an unspoken rule because you know, my ex is still my person. Our souls are tied. Okay, if you go to my ex that means ulikua unamtaka nikiwa na yeye ama alikua anakutaka mkiwa na yeye," Oga said.

Kwambox interrupted Obinna, suggesting that perhaps his friend had a connection with Obinna's ex after spending time together, leading to their eventual marriage.

However, Obinna was clearly displeased and abruptly cut Kwambox short, questioning if it was Kwambox's role to intervene as their destiny helper.


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