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Miracle Baby reveals malicious cartel scheme that ended Sailors Group

Peter Miracle Baby has finally shed light on the circumstances that led to the downfall of Sailors Group

Peter Miracle Baby from Gengetone group Sailors Gang

Peter Miracle Baby, a member of the popular Gengetone music group Sailors, has finally shed light on the circumstances that led to the downfall of the group.

After three years of speculation and accusations, Miracle Baby's recent video confession has revealed the true cause of their career's demise.


In a video shared by Mwalimu Rachel on her Instagram story on Tuesday 20, Miracle Baby pointed out that the interference of certain 'cartels' played a significant role in obstructing their progress.

According to his account, these individuals, who operated both locally and internationally, made a strategic decision to undermine Sailors' music.

The group's unique sound and style, known as Gengetone, was seen as a threat to the dominance of other genres within the Kenyan music industry.

"Kuna wasee wanaitwa macartels Hao wasee wakaa chini wakiwa na huko majuu na wakaambiana muziki tukiwa huku kuna place Africa haifiki. Ooh mmusic yetu haifiki Kenya, kwa nini? Wakachunguza... Wakakam kunotice ni vijana flani wametokea, mbogi, rende insahikana hivo wanapiga mzuka mbaya... Wanajiita Gengetone," Miracle baby said.


The cartels approached Sailors with promises of support. They offered to cover the costs of studio sessions and music videos, enticing the young artists with the prospect of fame and fortune.

Faced with the allure of financial backing, the group reluctantly signed agreements, hoping to elevate their careers and secure their financial future.

"Nyinyi ni pesa mnataka, eeh. Wakaanza kuambia vijana eeh manze tutawaoatianga hii doo mwisho wa mwezi. Tutakuwa tunawalipia studio na tunawalipia video.


"Aah vijana wakiskia hivo wanasema cost ya video na audio imeenda...wacha basi tuendelee na shughuli yetu, wakasign. Pia sisi juu tulikuwa tunataka pesa, tukasign," he continued.

The music group comprised of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver and Lexxy Yung.

Miracle Baby is the only one who has managed to keep his music alive since their split.


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