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Early man: Eric Omondi dons hair suit for trip to Uganda [Photos]

Neanderthal man, the brother of Mesopotamia - Gabiro Mtu Necessary comments on Eric Omondi's hair suit.

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi in a hair suit and a camouflage leaf suit

Just months after unveiling his camouflage leaf suit, comedian Eric Omondi on Wednesday donned a hair suit and captioned it with "early man".

The hilarious suit was accompanied with a similarly embellished briefcase as the comedian updated his Ugandan fans that he will be in the country over the coming weekend.

Commenting on how long it took to assemble the look, Director Trevor stated, "It took 2hrs😂😂" adding that the most difficult bit was covering Omondi's delicates.

According to his itinerary, Omondi will tour three venues in Northern Uganda - Lira, Gulu and Kitgum on Wednesday night, Friday and Saturday respectively.


The hair suit sparked a conversation in the comedian's comment section with Kisumu-based musician Gabiro Mtu Necessary among those who found it funny.

"Neanderthal man, the brother of Mesopotamia," the musician remarked, he added: "Ata kuku hainaga manyoya mingi hivi (even chicken don't have as many feathers)."

Omondi later shared a video of himself, having landed in Uganda in the same outfit.


In recent years, Omondi has become a proponent of showbiz, urging more Kenyan celebrities to utilize gimmicks to make the country's entertainment industry more vibrant.

Commenting on Pozze and Jovial's publicity stunt last year, Omondi stated: "This is exactly what I've been talking about! I am liking this. I don't know and I don't care whatever is going on here but this is pure showbiz and I'm loving it! My point is we know you have the talent but so do Tanzanians and Nigerians! They only beat us in showbiz and trust me that's where the money is!


"Willy Paul and Jovial whether it's a song ama mnakulana kudos," Omondi remarked.

In 2022, he was named in a list of Kenya's biggest clout-chasers for a number of his stunts, including his feminine-presenting persona Divalicious.


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