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Real or show-off? 12 times celebrities flaunted bundles of cash on camera

Celebrities in East Africa are living large!

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, Kenyan socialite Amber Ray, rapper Khaligraph Jones and singer Nandy

Whether it's just for the camera or their actual real lives, these celebrities are not shy to show that they have it all. From pictures of a fleet of cars parked within their lavish mansions to expensive vacation locations and now showing off bundles of cash on camera.

Some of the prominent celebs who have flaunted bundles of cash right before our eyes include:-

The year 2023 has just begun and almost everybody is complaining about the tough economic times, except for Faith Makau aka Amber Ray!


Njaanuary does not seem fit to describe the socialite who went on social media on Wednesday to flaunt bundles of cash worth at least Sh900,000.

According to the socialite, she received the cash from her manager and friend, Mc Antonio.

“2023 has started on a good note… it is real money, don’t come here saying oooh, it's fake or fake,” she said before proceeding to count the cash on camera and divide it into Sh100,000 bundles.


Amber Ray is one of the top socialites in Kenya and is the perfect definition of a 'soft life'. From her vacation photos to expensive cars and a flamboyant lifestyle, you can tell that Amber is living the 'princess' life

She is currently engaged to Kennedy Rapudo with whom they are expecting their first child.

Controversial socialite Jackson Akim Pemba, a Tanzanian national who operates in Uganda, has also kicked off the year by flashing bundles of cash.


In a video posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, Jack claimed to have withdrawn 50 million from the bank while holding up the tied-up bundles of what appeared to be Tsh10,000 (Ksh531) notes.

On two separate occasions, Willy Paul 'Pozze' has hit headlines for flashing wads of cash in videos posted online.

The first incident was in October 2018 which earned the 'Tamu Walahi' singer a lot of criticism from fans.


In June 2022, he was back at it again this time accompanying the stash of cash with a word of advice to men.

"It's not pride but the truth... it's a small amount of money, but men should remain men and greed should not make them take the place of women. If you know, you know," he said on his Instagram page.

In February 2022, comedian Mulamwah was seen showing off bundles of cash estimated to have been worth Sh1 million.


In the series of videos posted on his socials, Mulamwah was dramatically eating githeri while counting his cash.

Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones, in July 2021, flashed wads of cash in a message directed at the then-KFCB CEO, Dr Ezekiel Mutua. The rapper was protesting meagre royalties remitted to artists in Kenya.


Khaligraph held the bundles of money to his ears and pretended to be having a phone conversation with comedian Eric Omondi, one of the outspoken advocates of airplay for Kenyan entertainment content.

In June 2021 and also July 2021 Eric Omondi put up much-talked-about videos of himself flashing cash.


While splashing Sh200,000 on musician Kevin Bahati, Omondi noted that he had decided to honour a pledge that the KFCB failed on.

In a video posted later in July of the same year, the comedian showed off lots of banknotes, claiming that it was Sh3 million.

"Tag Ezekiel na umwambie SHINDWE!" Eric Omondi captioned the post

He added: "All the money I make is through blood and sweat…you cannot call an entire industry maskini ambao hawajiwezi (destitute). Hawa ni vijana ambao wanajituma ili wapate chakula!"


Diamond Platnumz is known for living large and he is constantly flashing cash on his social media pages.

In 2022, while on a trip to London, the singer posed with a thick bundle of notes against a backdrop of some expensive cars.

From expensive cars, beautiful houses, and the dope places he visits, to the expensive chains hanging on his neck among other things, which he does not shy away from showing to the public.

The award-winning singer, in 2020, flaunted bundles of cash well arranged on a bank counter ready to be deposited.


On another occasion the same year, he also posted a series of Insta stories with bundles of cash sprawled across his bed.

Bongo singer, Nandy is definitely living her best life. The mother of one was spotted, in May 2019, at a bank taking out a large sum of cash from her bag and placing the bundles on the counter.


In the video shared by TZ Blogger Jay Maudkaku on Instagram, the 'Ninogeshe' hitmaker was all smiles as she exchanged some words with the cashier counting the cash.


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