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Presenter Liz Jackson speaks about her relationship with CS Mutua

Liz exchanged contacts with CS Mutua at State House in 2022

Liz Jackson and CS Alfred Mutua

Spm Buzz presenter Liz Jackson opened up about her encounter with Trade CS Dr Alfred Mutua at State House in November 2022, an incident that sparked widespread attention online.

The moment when Liz and Mutua were captured exchanging contacts was shared widely, resulting in a flurry of humorous memes and discussions on Twitter.

During an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Liz was asked if she still maintains contact with Dr Mutua. Surprisingly, Liz revealed that she does not communicate with the former Machakos County Governor.


She mentioned that their last interaction was at State House when they exchanged contacts, but due to online bullying and negative reactions, she never felt compelled to reach out to him.

In a lighthearted moment, Kioko jokingly suggested that Liz should call Dr Mutua, but she firmly declined, emphasizing that public figures are not her preference when it comes to relationships.

Liz expressed her desire to keep her personal life private, as being a public figure means that many aspects of her routine are already known to the public.


Maintaining privacy in her relationships is important to her, despite her public persona.

On July 3, Willy Paul made a public announcement stating that he had ended his relationship with fellow artist Miss P.

Curious about the situation, Nicholas Kioko sought to find out if Liz Jackson had any involvement in their breakup.

Kioko mentioned that Liz had been creating TikTok videos, which led him to speculate if there was something more to their interactions.


However, Liz clarified that she had only coincidentally bumped into Willy Paul on three separate occasions and that there was no romantic connection between them.

Liz elaborated on their encounters, revealing that the first time they met was during the shooting of a song with Mr Seed.

Due to a lack of seating, Liz sat on Willy Paul's car. She even went on to show Kioko her conversation with Willy Paul to confirm that their relationship was purely platonic.


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