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Mwende Macharia defends decision to put Azziad on the spot during live radio show

Azziad walked out of the interview saying the presenter had disrespected her brand by not honouring their agreement

Azziad Nasenya and Mwende Macharia

Radio Maisha Presenter Mwende Macharia has shared her side of the story regarding the interview with popular TikToker Azziad Nasenya that took an unexpected turn and that has left them trending on the internet.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Mwende revealed that she had invited Azziad to her show with the intention of showcasing her achievements as a young individual who had excelled in her craft.

Mwende saw Azziad as someone who had achieved great success and wanted her to inspire the audience with her story.


However, the unexpected walkout happened when Mwende asked a question about her dismissal from the Talanta Hela Council, something they had agreed to leave out of their conversation according to Azziad.

"We agreed not to talk about it. No comment. Mwende, we talked and agreed that if you bring it up, I will honestly walk out of here. Because we cannot agree on something and then you go back on it," Azziad expressed her frustration.

Mwende highlighted that these are the occupational hazards that journalists face from time to time. She revealed that she has even befriended an artist who walked out of their studio in the past. "These are the occupational hazards we face in journalism.


"They happen from time to time, so it's not the first instance. I've even befriended an artist who walked out of our studio before," Mwende said.

Mwende maintained that her intention was merely to inquire about the potential impact of Azziad missing out on the Talanta Hela job position. From her perspective, it was a fair question to ask as a journalist seeking insights into Azziad's life.

Addressing the critics who emerged after the incident, Mwende noted that she doesn't allow negativity to affect her life as an established journalist with extensive experience in the industry.


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