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Rapper Cashy puts baby daddy on the blast over deadbeat claims [Screenshots]

It’s been so hard bana- Cashy

Karimi Muriungi aka Miss Cashy

Karimi Muriungi popularly known as Miss Cashy has hit out at her baby daddy Khaligraph Jones over claims that he has not been providing for his son.

Celebrating the lifting of the nationwide curfew, Cashy indirectly, called out her baby daddy, saying with the reopening of the country the award-winning rapper will have no excuse but to provide for his son.

"I’m actually happy the curfew has been lifted because artists can go back to earning from night gigs.

"In fact, help me pray for an overflow of events so that your favorite rapper will have zero reason to claim he can’t afford child maintenance... it’s been so hard bana," said Cashy.


The revelation attracted lots of comforting messages from fans, act that made the rapper open up even more.

“You Guys have sent me so many encouraging and funny messages in the last hour. I didn’t expect it. Yes, this period has been hard especially after losing my Dad. I try to keep my spirit and sense of humour and I’m forever grateful for your support,” she noted.

She added that: “To the few people who choose to be insensitive to my baby's situation. Please don’t add any more slat to the injury. Children are all innocent despite the hurtful things they are forced to endure. GBV is real and I continue to applaud all women who choose to walk away for the sake of their safety and that of their children.


"It’s hurtful to be insulted for your courage especially in public, but I believe as a society, we all agree that a child deserves all necessary blessings from both parents regardless of the circumstances. I have been young and been with the wrong person before, I ask that you no longer hurt me for it,” the post read.

In a separate post, Cashy was asked by a curious fan if she has ever met Khaligraph Jones wife and this was her response; "I have met so many of his ‘wives’ and girlfriends, I don’t know which is which anymore”.


Not the First time

This is not that first time Cashy is calling out her ex-boyfriend over child support. In September, she accused Jones of neglecting his sick son (Xolani) as she demands child support.

“@KHALIGRAPH excuse me, your son is sick. Health insurance?

"He is, and by all means his son as well. I have taken him to hospital, since conception he is now 2. and paid cash, with receipts that have been presented before my lawyers and his. Parents share equal responsibility, but even the law knows a child is where showbiz draws the line.

"Niko nayo, yes. But hapatikani... my son is sick. In a Pandemic, and he is being negligent, despite my efforts to engage amicably. My child’s rights mean more than theatrics and showbiz,” reads a number of tweets from Miss Cashy.


The Naitwa Cashy maker added that she will do everything within her powers to ensure her son is taken care of by her father.

Miss Cashy disclosed that Papa Jones is the father to her son after keeping it a secret for 2 years.

In 2019, the mother of one made some damning allegations against the Tuma Kitu hit-maker, alleging that she dumped him because he had other women in his life, some who even bank rolled his lifestyle. She added that Papa Jones constantly discouraged her from going to school and working on a day job.

Khaligraph is yet to respond to the accusations of neglecting his son.


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