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From Siaya to grand European-style ceremony: Octopizzo keeps his word to hold 4th wedding

Kenyan hip-hop icon Octopizzo has proven that true love knows no bounds as he fulfilled his promise of a fourth wedding

Octopizzo holds a fourth wedding with his Mexican wife

Kenyan hip-hop icon Octopizzo has proven that true love knows no bounds as he fulfilled his promise of a fourth wedding with his beloved wife.

In a ceremony held on December 24, the rapper and his wife exchanged vows in a picturesque white wedding, solidifying their commitment to each other.

The joyous occasion was shared with fans through Instagram, where Octopizzo posted enchanting snapshots capturing the magical moments of the ceremony.


Decked in a stylish grey suit, Octopizzo radiated happiness as he and his bride, adorned in a beautiful white gown, walked hand in hand out of the church. The celebratory atmosphere, marked by applause and cheers from the gathered well-wishers, painted a picture of love and unity.

The rapper's Instagram feed also featured heartwarming pictures of his children with his wife, encapsulating the essence of family and togetherness.

In a revelation made in August 2022, Octopizzo disclosed that he had previously celebrated three weddings with his wife.


However, the rapper emphasised that the fourth wedding was yet to take place.

Octopizzo debunked the notion that weddings should be a singular event, stating, "Harusi huwa si moja, hio ni labda ya Wakristo wale husema lazima iwe moja. Unaweza fanya harusi kila mwaka ukitaka" (Weddings are not limited to one; that may be for Christians who insist on having only one. You can have a wedding every year if you want).

Octopizzo's matrimonial journey has been a tapestry of diverse ceremonies, each representing a unique facet of his and his wife's cultural and personal identities. From courthouse weddings to church ceremonies and traditional customs in Siaya, the rapper's commitment to embracing various cultural elements is evident.


The grand finale, the European-style white wedding, signifies a harmonious fusion of love that transcends geographical boundaries.

In a candid reflection on his journey to find true love, Octopizzo shared that he had dated numerous women in the past.

His quest for a life partner led him to someone who not only understood him but also brought him a sense of peace.


Growing up amidst chaos, the rapper emphasized the importance of finding a partner who could provide tranquility and stability in his life.


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