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Trio Mio loses 2 valuables in terrifying encounter with gunmen

Trio Mio narrates how he was robbed at gunpoint. Here are some of his valuables that the gunmen got away with

Trio Mio robbed at gunpoint, thieves get away with valuables

Kenyan rapper Trio Mio recently shared a harrowing experience that he went through at the hands of gunmen.

In a YouTube interview, the young musician narrated how he lost his valuables to three individuals while leaving the studio.

Trio Mio explained that he had decided to pass by the hood, where he found three people hanging around. Initially, he tried to ignore them and proceeded to walk towards his car, which was parked a few feet away.

'Hii kitu manze ni for real. Nilikuwa nimetoka studio nikaona nipitie mtaani around kitu twelve.


"(This thing is real. “I decided to pass by the hood. I found three people hanging around there),” he explained.

However, one of the guys recognized him and called out, before brandishing a gun at him. The rapper's heart skipped a beat as he tried to recall if he knew the gunmen.

As the person with the gun placed it at his stomach, Trio Mio froze, unable to believe what was happening to him.


The singer reached into his pocket and handed over his mobile phones, clothes, and car keys. One of the other guys had a panga, and the one with the gun warned him not to do anything stupid.

"Wakapita watu watatu, wawili walinigotea. Kwanza walishuka nikifunga gari wakanigotea. By the time naangalia hivi washatoa gun, na huyo mwingine ako na panga. Kila kitu wakuchukua. Simu zangu mbili na moti ya gari.

"(Three people passed by, two of them greeted me. First, they got off their bike while I was locking the car. By the time i was done, they took out a gun, and the other one had a machete. They took everything. My two phones and the car key," He said.


According to Trio Mio, he was ready and willing to do anything, including giving them his clothes and shoes to remain with just a boxer.

The gunmen quickly disappeared into the night, leaving Trio Mio shaken and traumatized. In addition to losing his phones and car keys, the rapper had lost a piece of himself.

He felt violated and exposed, as if his sense of safety had been stripped away. It was a traumatic experience that he would never forget.

It was a traumatic experience that left him feeling violated and exposed, as if a piece of himself had been stripped away.


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