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Rise of Kisumu activist Jakababa who was rescued from prison by Raila

This piece outlines Jakababa's journey, from his early life to his foray into politics and his association with Raila Odinga

Shadrack Orwa Omondi, also known as Omosh Jakababa of Bunge La Wananchi

Shadrack Orwa Omondi aka Omosh Jakababa is no stranger to Kenyans, especially in the political scene.

As a staunch supporter of Raila Odinga, he has been grabbing attention on TikTok and has become a prominent figure in Bunge La Wananchi.

A closer look at Jakababa's videos indicates that he was living in his rural home in Nyanza before he relocated to Nairobi.


In one of his videos, the Bunge La Wananchi speaker, Jakababa, showcased his rural lifestyle by uploading footage of himself building his house with the help of others.

In addition to his dedication to his village roots, Jakababa was also a farmer, having ventured into Cassava farming.

He proudly displayed his farming skills in a dedicated video, where he could be seen pulling a handcart loaded with stones on what appeared to be his farm.


Despite delivering tough speeches at Bunge La Wananchi gatherings, Jakababa also knows how to have fun, and his lively personality shines through in his TikTok videos.

One particular video shows him enjoying a night out at a club, dancing with his partner as the crowd cheers him on.

His videos reflect a person who embraces life to the fullest, unafraid to share moments of joy and dance moves with his audience, regardless of the style.


Bunge La Wananchi has been vocal in its criticism of Kenyan leaders whom they perceive to be neglecting their responsibilities, often accusing them of being idle or asleep on the job.

The movement is particularly critical of certain government policies, especially those related to taxes and other implementations.

Nuru Okanga is undeniably one of the prominent figures in Bunge La Wananchi, being one of the founders of the people's parliament alongside Gaucho.

It is no secret that Okanga played a significant role in establishing Jakababa's presence and influence in the political scene, especially in connecting with the youth.

Initially, during the inception of Bunge La Wananchi, only Gaucho and Nuru Okanga addressed the people, but later, Jakababa was also given the opportunity to do so.


Nowadays, the two are frequently seen together, and they seem to share a strong bond.

Jakababa even visited Okanga's rural home, and he recorded a video to express gratitude to Okanga's mother for the warm welcome.

Both Jakababa and Okanga are known for delivering speeches that leave people in stitches, showcasing their ability to entertain while engaging with the public.


When Jakababa first started gaining online attention, many of his videos were used as memes by people on the internet.

However, as time went on, he became a household name, especially among the youth, and people started taking him more seriously despite the humorous nature of his videos.

Pulse Influencer Awards 2023: YouTube Influencer of the Year category

Jakababa's popularity reached its peak before and after the 2022 General elections, and during this period, he was invited for interviews on several local radio stations.


He even had the opportunity to meet key political figures like Otiende Amollo and George Wajackoyah.

When it comes to travelling, Jakababa now frequently flies to Kisumu, and he enjoys documenting his journeys with videos on his TikTok account.

Jakababa's legal woes took a serious turn when he appeared before Milimani Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe on July 19.


Pulse Influencer Awards 2023: YouTube Influencer of the Year category

The charges brought against him alleged that he made a shocking request to Raila Odinga, urging him to import firearms from Russia to facilitate a planned invasion of the State House by his supporters.

According to the court proceedings, on May 9, 2023, during a public gathering at an undisclosed location within Kenya, Jakababa was accused of using offensive, threatening, and provocative language with the intention of disrupting peace.

Jakababa was later released on bail, and he expressed his gratitude to Azimio leader Raila Odinga and lawyer Danstan Omari for facilitating his release.


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