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Risper Faith goes on a bitter rant as she exposes her Househelp over this

What’s wrong with this househelps nowadays- Risper

Risper Faith and hubby Brian

Former Nairobi Diaries Actress Risper Faith expressed displeasure in the act of her Househelp drinking her expensive liquor and filling up the bottle with water.

An angry Ms Faith took to her Insta-story to expose the Househelp, stating that she can’t live with an alcoholic in her house.

“What’s wrong with this house helps nowadays? How can you drink all my whisky and add water and I can see you on the camera? Just bought her a new phone” reads Risper Faith’s post.


The Mother of one went on to reveal that she pays school fees for her Househelp’s kids yet she can’t respect her things in the house.

“I take good care of you and your family, I even pay school fees for your Kids and the least you can pay me is drinking my expensive liquor.

The problem is not the alcohol; my problem is I can’t live with an alcoholic” wrote Risper Faith.


Making Headlines

In the recent days, Risper Faith has been making headlines over what netizens termed as a failed liposuction procedure.

In November 2020, the former Socialite underwent the liposuction surgery in the quest to eliminate extra fats from her body and put to rest her struggles with body weight.

At that particular time, she mentioned that the procedure was successful and a total of 8 litres of fats was removed from her stomach and lower back.


“8 litres of fat was removed from my stomach and lower back through surgery called liposuction by @bodybydesignkenya ,at this point my life has completely changed no more eating unhealthy...” shared Risper Faith

Liposuction- is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck.

The mother of one also defended her act of getting the liposuction surgery, saying her ideal weight is 80Kgs but currently she weighs 115Kgs.

Raised Eyebrows

However, in July 2021 her photos at Vera Sidika’s gender reveal party raised eyebrows, to an extent of forcing her to clear the air on pregnancy rumours.


She said that she is a married woman meant to recreate and fill the world and whether pregnant or not life moves on, in the quest of explaining her body.

“Am a married woman and am meant to recreate and fill the world, pregnant por not life moves on.

Stop asking if am pregnant” said Risper.

Days later, was spotted in the Gym trying to shed off the extra fats and stay in shape after the liposuction surgery failed to yield the desired results.


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