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Sarah Hassan's hubby honours her acting legacy with perfect birthday cake

Sarah Hassan's husband went above and beyond to make her 35th birthday special

Kenyan Actress Sarah Hassan

Celebrated Kenyan actress Sarah Hassan received a heartwarming surprise from her husband on her 35th birthday.

To commemorate the special occasion, her spouse organised a unique birthday cake that paid homage to her various movie roles.

Sarah took to her Instagram account on August 6, to share a video of the delightful setup in their home, featuring a beautifully designed cake.


The cake was adorned with images of Sarah in different characters from the movies she has starred in, including the popular film 'Plan B,' 'Zora' and 'Crime and Justice.'

In addition to the cake, the setup included a stunning bouquet of red roses and colorful balloons, creating a special atmosphere for the celebration.

Expressing her gratitude, Sarah thanked everyone who had made an effort to celebrate her birthday.


"I’m so grateful. Got home late last night to this incredibly beautiful presentation by the hubby. I meeean, that cake,' Sarah wrote.

She mentioned that the surprise came after she had already celebrated her birthday with her colleagues at work.


Sarah's day began by doing what she loves, which is acting, alongside an incredible team that surprised her when they wrapped up their work.

She expressed her heartfelt appreciation for all the birthday wishes she received, both through calls, messages, direct messages, and comments on social media.

"And, This is after spending my birthday doing what I love with an incredible team that surprised me when we wrapped. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

"Thank you so much to everyone who called, messaged, dm’s commented & showed me some birthday love, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Sending y’all loads of love and light," she wrote.


The 'Tahidi High' actress tied the knot on February 25, 2017, in a low-profile wedding ceremony with her husband, who prefers to maintain a low profile

The couple shares the joy of parenthood and has a son together.


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