Sarah Kabu lecture those claiming The WaJesus family can’t afford to buy a new car

Maina nichezee wenye wivu wajinyonge sasa- Sarah

The WaJesus Family and the Kabus'

Bonfire Adventures Managing Director Sarah Kabu is not happy with a section of Netizens who have been claiming that Kabi WaJesus and his wife Milly WaJesus hired their new car just for showoff.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Sarah said that it is wrong for people to think that The WaJesus family can’t afford to buy a new Audi, yet they are always hustling.

Her statement comes days after Kabi exchanged the Audi his wife got him as a Birthday present with another version of Audi over what they termed as upgrading.

“Wooiii ati nani huyo anasema our brand ambassadors cannot afford to buy #luxurycars ? How can people be so desperate to see others fail instead of getting inspired by their moves? FYI u cannot work around #thekabus and continue being a loser... even my team knows this.

All those brands that you see them posting u think they pay them peanuts or good money? Someone must be very jealous to imagine they cannot afford such a car? I was shocked to see even a reputable media station reporting they RETURNED instead of they UPGRADED just to get views by tarnishing their name. They personally talked to us as we encouraged them to upgrade after topping up from what @millywajesus had paid.

FYI with #DADACAN they even qualify to buy a #rangerover if they so wished but am sure they spared that opportunity for their next BIG PROJECT. Wait and Stay tuned and Start writting for their NEXT BIG PROJECT.

@dadabystanbicbank u have a mortgage customer @mainakageni nichezee wenye wivu wajinyonge sasa" wrote Sarah Kabu.

Upon seeing Ms Kabu’s message, Milly said “Thank you @sarahkabu for this . They have their own rotten agendas but wameshindwa. We keep winning regardless”.


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