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Beyonce's performance brings Sharon Mundia to tears [WATCH]

Mundia was in the company of her friend Patricia Kihoro at the concert

Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro

Media personality Sharon Mundia couldn't contain her emotions as she witnessed the electrifying performance of global superstar Beyoncé during one of the concerts she attended.

Videos shared by Mundia online captured her raw and emotional reaction to the celebrated singer's mesmerizing stage presence. Mundia was in the company of her friend, Patricia Kihoro.

"This part of my life is called: She wept. With joy. 🥹 Can’t believe I watched Beyoncé live in concert with my girl, @misskihoro, who was tasked by close friends to capture my reaction. When I tell you I full-on bawled! What a BEAUTIFUL show. Immensely grateful," expressed Mundia, clearly moved by the experience.


Beyoncé announced her Renaissance World Tour earlier this year, in February, in support of her seventh studio album.

The tour commenced in Sweden and is set to conclude in September, covering various states including Nashville, Louisville, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Boston, Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, among other cities.

The impact of Beyoncé's tour on Sweden's economy has been noteworthy. According to BBC reports, the demand generated by the singer's performances has caused a frenzy, resulting in notable effects on the country's economic statistics.

Sweden reported an unexpectedly high inflation rate of 9.7% in May, with rising prices in the hotel and restaurant sectors being the primary contributors.


The power and influence of Beyoncé's performances have not only left an indelible mark on fans like Sharon Mundia but have also had a tangible impact on local economies. As fans continue to flock to her concerts worldwide, the excitement and demand for experiencing Beyoncé's live performances continue to surge.


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