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Sherlyne Anyango apologizes for dumping Oga Obinna

Sherlyne Anyango has sent a heartfelt apology to Obinna after her mzungu bae dumped her

Sherlyne Anyango & Oga Obinna

Kenyan socialite Sherlyne Anyango recently offered a heartfelt apology for abruptly leaving her ex-boyfriend, Oga Obinna, without proper communication.

In an interview with Eve Mungai on wednesday June 5, Sherlyne expressed regret over her actions and acknowledged the need for closure and communication in relationships.

Additionally, she shared insights into her past and revealed how her previous choices had impacted her present.


Sherlyne openly admitted that her decision to leave Oga Obinna without explanation was a mistake.

She disclosed the circumstances that led to her decision to be with another man, Andrew. She candidly stated that she evaluated the pros and cons of both relationships and ultimately chose Andrew based on what he offered in terms of support and potential.

"I literally sat down nikaandika huyu ananisaidia na nini na huyu mwingine ananisaidia na nini... so the white guy is the one who won. He had more pros than Obinna so i chose Andrew," Sherlyne said.


She denied dating both Obinna and Andrew at the same time, clarifying that Andrew was just a potential at that time.

"Alikua potential, tulikua tunakatiana hiyo time na nikaanika nani ananisaidia zaidi. and i found out that this other guy helped me more than obinna so i decided," she said.


Expressing remorse for her actions, Sherlyne publicly apologized to Oga Obinna for not sharing her intentions and leaving him without proper communication.

She acknowledged that it was unfair to let him find out about her departure through other means and expressed regret for the pain she caused.

"Am sorry Obinna... I never told Obinna what was happening. Nilimwacha tu akaskia niko majuu. I know its bad but i apologize for that," she said.


When questioned about her engagement on Oga Obinna's social media posts, Sherlyne defended her right to express her thoughts.

She stated that since she had left without informing him about her relocation, she saw no reason why she couldn't comment on his posts whenever she desired.

"Vile nilirelocate majuu sikumwambia anything, sikumwambia nahama or anything. sikumwambia namwacha so i dont see why i should not comment on his posts whenever i want," she said.


Asked if she is looking forward to getting Obinna back, she said Obinna does not match her goals at the moment.


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