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Singer Denno's wife speaks on the good & worst side of their marriage

Faith Naliaka Karanja, wife of Gospel singer Denno, opens up about the highs and lows of their marriage

Gospel singer Denno and wife Faith Naliaka Karanja

Gospel singer Denno's wife, Faith Naliaka, recently shared insights into her marriage journey.

The mother of two, shed light on both the positive and challenging aspects of marital life with the 'Story Yangu' hitmaker.

In her conversation with Lynn Ngugi on March 14, Faith shared that her marriage has brought her immense joy and companionship.


She emphasised the beauty of having a partner to share life's ups and downs, the profound love they've cultivated, and the mutual trust that forms the foundation of their relationship.

"The good side of my marriage is that you get a companion. You are no longer alone. And you share love and you tackle things together. Kuna ile true love and the trust that you have built in each other. Kuna the joy of marriage and the babies that you get. each other," she said.

Faith also cherishes the blessings of parenthood, although she stresses that having children shouldn't be a mandatory aspect of marriage.


She acknowledged the societal pressure surrounding parenthood but emphasizes that marriage is primarily about companionship.

"However, we were taught that babies are not a must. When you are married you are not supposed to fic your mind that we must have babies. I have addressed this because it's one of the reasons why marriages are breaking.

"Mnaoana hampati watoto then you start blaming each other and then mwishowe mnaachana. marriage is just for companionship. I have enjoyed my marriage," she said.

According to Faith, trust has been a cornerstone of their marriage, contributing to its strength and endurance over the years.


Despite the joys of marriage, Faith acknowledged the existence of challenges, particularly in terms of financial struggles.

She described moments when they faced financial constraints, hindering their ability to fulfill certain desires and plans as a couple.

However, Faith emphasised their reliance on faith and perseverance during such difficult times, trusting that God would provide a way forward.


"The worst part I would simply say is lack. ile mnafika mahali mnaazna na vibe mzuri, everything is in order but inafka mahali mnaanza kupanda mlima pamoja. you don't have the required finances to carry on. But somehow God makes a way and you just find you're moving together," she said.

Faith shared her personal experience of being financially dependent on her husband for the initial years of their marriage.

However, as circumstances changed, she felt compelled to contribute to their household income.


Despite facing challenges in finding employment initially, Faith pursued an education in catering and eventually secured a job.

She highlighted the importance of mutual support and understanding in navigating financial hardships as a couple.

"For five years after I was married I was just in the house. I was not working and my husband provided everything. But kuna time inafika yeye mwenyewe hana show and that's when I feel I should be doing something. I have never blamed him at any point. I have never felt like I was going to leave him for someone else who has money. Nilienda nikasomea catering and I got a job. So we help each other out most of the time," she said.

Throughout their marital journey, Faith understood the importance of unity and mutual support. Rather than succumbing to blame or resentment during challenging times, she and he


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