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Bahati's little known friend who shaped his career

Stephen says that he one parted with a lot of cash to to help shoot one of Bahati's songs

Stephen, Bahati's old friend [Photo: Spm Buzz]

One of Bahati's friends, Stephen Ojiango Rapolo from Oyugis, has claimed that he played a role in Bahati's path to success by providing him with Ksh 100K to shoot one of his songs.

Stephen, who currently resides in Kileleshwa, also stated that he has video footage of the events that occurred on the day Bahati was shooting the said song and that Mr Seed was also present.

"I knew Bahati like six years ago when he was going to shoot one of his hits and I took him to a friend of mine and we were together with Mr Seed. I even have a clip of things that happened on that day.


"Bahati is a good friend of mine. Diana amemjua juzi juzi and I don't have any problem with her," Stephen stated.

During a recent interview with Spm Buzz, Stephen claimed that he had shared a bed with singer Bahati and Mr Seed.

"We shared the same bed with Bahati in Huruma when pastor [James] Ng'ang'a was sponsoring him. By then I had done my Form 4 and I was at United States International University (USIU) where I was pursuing my engineering course.

"Then I left them, Bahati and Mr Seed when I was in Germany for my course. I'm currently an officer with a lot of experience," Stephen added.


When asked by bloggers about his role in Bahati's career, Stephen revealed that he had once contributed a significant amount of money to help Bahati shoot one of his songs.

"I sponsored him in one occasion when he was going to shoot a video at a club called Tribeka. We were with Willy M Tuva, Mr Seed. He had called and asked how much I was going to give him for shooting the video. I promised him Sh100K which was like 1M back then," Stephen explained.

When asked about Bahati's progress in the music industry, Stephen remarked that Bahati was God-sent, as no one knows exactly how he has fared.


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