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Tafakari ya Babu: Swaleh Mdoe's tale on how lady cheated on hubby with a guard goes viral

Tafakari ya Babu: Swaleh Mdoe's tale on how lady cheated on hubby with a security guard goes viral

Swaleh Mdoe

Citizen TV Kiswahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has recently found himself in the spotlight following rumors of his suspension from the TV station.

Reports suggest that Mdoe was suspended after missing a 1 pm news bulletin and has been off the air for the past three weeks.

The news of Swaleh Mdoe's suspension has sparked mixed reactions from netizens. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their opinions, with some showing concern over his absence while others have dug up old stories from his popular segment, Tafakari ya Babu.


In the segment Tafakari ya Babu, Swaleh Mdoe narrates intriguing stories that often come with unexpected twists at the end, leaving viewers with food for thought.

One such story that caught the attention of many involved a man who accidentally discovered his wife's infidelity.


In an undated video shared on social media, Swaleh narrated the story of a man who, upon returning home from work, found his child alive and the security guard dead.

The man had applied poison to his wife's breast, intending to kill their child when it breastfed.

However, the unexpected turn of events revealed that the wife and the security guard had been having an affair.


"Bwana huyu wakati mkewe amelala akachukua sumu akampaka mkewe kwenye chuchu ili yule mtoto akinyonya afe. Asubuhi akatoka kwenda zake kazini kurudi jioni akasikia kuna msiba...soja kwenye geti ndo amekufa...yatafakari hayo," Swaleh detailed.

The story narrated by Swaleh Mdoe elicited various reactions from netizens. While some found the plot intriguing, others expressed concern over the suspension of the news anchor.

Some even humorously speculated that the story might have been a contributing factor to his suspension from Citizen TV.


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