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Terryanne Chebet announces TV comeback

Terryanne Chebet left Metropol TV in 2020 to focus on her personal business

Terryanne Chebet

Renowned business journalist Terryanne Chebet has announced making a TV comeback after two years off screens.

Chebet whose last stint was at Metropol TV where she was the general manager shared the news saying she is headed to CNBC Africa where she has also previously worked.

At CNBC she will be a senior correspondent as well as lead business development in Kenya.

“I'm excited about going back to where it all began. I've joined Africa's Leading Business News Channel @cnbcafrica as a Senior Correspondent as well as leading Business Development in Kenya,” Chebet said.


Chebet has had a stellar media career that has seen her rise to the position of general manager which she quit in 2020.

She started her career at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) before moving to CNBC Africa, and later to Royal Media Services-owned Citizen TV in 2010.

Chebet was fired from Citizen TV in 2018, she joined Fanaka TV before she left to join Metropol TV where she was the general manager.


Terryanne said that losing her job at Citizen TV was necessary because it helped her become stronger and follow the path God had predestined for her.

"The dip that I had when I lost my job could have been a moment of despair. You know like so what next? I was at my prime, I had done a good job, it happened and it had to happen. But when I look back I’m like it was necessary because there were some lessons that I needed to learn and if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be where I am," Chebet said.

Chebet left Metropol TV in 2020 to focus on her personal business. She is the founder of Keyara Organics a beauty and cosmetics company.


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