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Terryanne Chebet resumes university after 17-year career stint, admits it's tough

Terryanne Chebet has disclosed that she never completed her undergraduate degree and is currently back in school to accomplish it. However, the journey is proving to be quite challenging

Media personality Terryanne Chebet

Renowned media personality Terryanne Chebet has embarked on a remarkable journey, one that has surprised many and inspired even more.

After 17 successful years in the media industry, she's chosen to return to school to complete her undergraduate degree, a decision that reflects her unwavering commitment to personal growth and lifelong learning.

In a candid Instagram post, Terryanne Chebet shared her experiences as she prepared for upcoming exams, revealing the inner challenges she's faced.


She admitted to grappling with complex concepts like "Traditions, Values, and Theories," which are part of her coursework.

Terryanne has always believed in the power of pursuing one's dreams. For her, the dream was to return to school and earn her undergraduate degree.

She believes that her next career level requires it, which is why she proudly wears her student badge from the United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa).


"Taking a leap of faith today, doing an exam, and confused about 'Traditions, Values, Theories'... Maaan!!! I've always believed in the power of pursuing your dreams.

"For me, that dream was going back to school. Why? Because I firmly believe that my next level requires it. That's why I wear my student badge so proudly! ( I go to @usiuafrica)," she wrote.


Adding a touch of irony to her educational pursuit, Chebet highlighted the common misconception that she was pursuing a post-graduate degree.

She playfully revealed that her fellow students and lecturers are significantly younger than her, further emphasising that age is just a number.

Chebet emphasised the importance of being courageous enough to step back to catapult forward.

Her belief in this approach is driven by the desire to set the stage for the next chapter in her life.


"Trust me, It's not fun returning to complete an undergraduate degree with 17 years of work experience surrounded by my fellow students who could be my sons and daughters, and some people thinking you're back to do your Ph.D.!

"I even suspect that some of my lecturers are younger than I am! But, that idiom, age is just a number has never felt more appropriate," she wrote.

Terryanne Chebet's journey is not just about her. She acknowledges fellow student moms who are pursuing education while managing the responsibilities of motherhood.


She celebrates their strength and determination, as they, like her, strive to achieve their educational goals.

Terryanne Chebet's career in the media industry has been both diverse and successful. It began at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) before she ventured to CNBC Africa and later joined Royal Media Services-owned Citizen TV in 2010.

'My conviction? Sometimes, we must be courageous enough to step back to catapult forward. I've had an incredibly beautiful career, and I thank God deeply for it, and I'm setting up the stage for the next,' she wrote.


Her career faced a significant setback when she was let go from Citizen TV in 2018. This news was undoubtedly a shock, but Chebet attributes her ability to bounce back to her unwavering support system of family and friends.


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