Churchill show comedian Oliver Otieno popularly known as YY, has said that the reason he is still single is because most ladies want sex before marriage.

Appearing on Carolina Hot Edition, YY explained that he is a strong believer of sex after marriage and that scares most women.

“The season am single is because most women want sex before marriage and me till marriage so they can’t stay” said YY.

Last year, during a Q&A session with his fans on IG stories, YY disclosed that he vowed not to fall in love again after going through a terrible heartbreak.

YY Comedian
YY Comedian

A curious fan wanted to find out the most memorable day in the comedians life, prompting him to go back to the year 2018 when he made a decision not to fall in love again.

“10th January 2018. I opened my heart and fell in love again, even though I vowed to never fall in love after going through a major heartbreak @Eddiebutita ndio nilikuwa nalala kwake juu home ilikuwa moto time ya kuvunjwa roho” shared YY.

SDA Skits

Asked on whether he has ever come under fire from SDA members over his skits that touches on the church, he says;

“Yes, from a few who think they love God/Jesus more than Us. I am an SDA, so I have the same feeling that they have towards SDA church. So if it’s about protecting the SDA, am also among the members”.

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YY Comedian
YY Comedian

Dealing with Haters

The funny man is among Kenyan celebrities who are known for taking their haters head on whenever they reached out to him with negativity.

“When you are an artiste or a comedian you ha e to take charge of your craft. You existed before the fans, so you don’t let fans take charge of what you do. This thing is mutual, and I really appreciate those fans understand that is mutual and they are also benefiting from you. I prefer them to fans who feel entitled that they made you... its only I who understand where I have come with my talent.

So I have to take full control, I am the only one who can drive myself into depression or drive myself off depression. Kwanza Audience ya Facebook, it na washamba Fulani hapo na tai… they are very bad. So I realized that I have to take full control of my craft” noted YY.

Comedian YY
Comedian YY

The Death rumour

YY also explained his "death" search on the internet;

“The time when AKA died then people though it was me, so rumours stated going around that YY has died. Lakini Kenyans Nyinyi pia, Kenya were even DMing knowing that I have death. Bro sorry about your death, what happened. Kenyans surely unataka maiti akujibu” said YY the comedian.