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Congratulations pour in for Kapinto after landing a job at NRG Radio

Celebrities and fans flood TikToker Kapinto with congratulatory messages after he landed a presenter job at NRG Radio

TikToker Kapinto ( Instagram)

Kapinto, a TikToker renowned for his entertaining viral videos, has landed a job at NRG Radio, marking a significant milestone in his career.

The content creator, who describes himself as bold, loud, and authentic, took to his social media accounts on April 23 to announce the exciting news to his followers and gave an update on the day and time on April 24.

Kapinto encouraged his fans to look forward to his show, which is scheduled to run starting Thursday, April 25, at 10 AM on NRG Radio.

"Kapinto Iconic Moves Episode 59:Introducing Kapinto Loudest Presenter Wa NRG !!! On Thursday We Are Live, AT 10 AM," he wrote.


Kapinto will co-host the program 'NRG Napepeya' alongside Angie Chege and DJ Nexas.

Fans, friends, and celebrities have flooded Kapinto with congratulatory messages, urging him to soar high.

Kapinto gained popularity on TikTok for his humorous and engaging content, often featuring him showcasing his comedic skills and unique talents.


One of his signature acts involves him hilariously jumping up and down wearing heels, captivating viewers with his charm and wit.

Born in Gem and raised as the firstborn in a family of two, Kapinto attributes his success to the support of his parents, who had no qualms about him pursuing his passion for content creation full-time.

Reflecting on his journey, Kapinto recalls uploading one of his clips on TikTok in 2021, never expecting it to go viral.

The clip, where he humorously expresses his determination to find money if it doesn't come to him, resonated with audiences, catapulting him to online fame.


Despite his initial seriousness in the video, Kapinto's ability to entertain and connect with viewers became evident, propelling him to continued success.

Hollywood icon Will Smith recently gave his endorsement to Kapinto's character Fatboy, created by Kenyan animator Fat Boy Animations.

Voiced by Kapinto himself, Fatboy gained widespread attention after Smith shared one of his viral clips on social media, expressing his admiration for the character.


In the clip, Kapinto delivers a humorous take on the idea of praying for one's enemies, showcasing his comedic talent and charm.

Smith's endorsement catapulted Kapinto into the global spotlight, with the clip being widely shared by fans across various platforms.


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