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Be comfortable in your skin - TikTok queens speak on body shaming

TikTokers Lorraine and Wyrimu say you should accept who you are since we are all the same before God

Wyrimu (left) and Lorraine

TikTok dance queens Wyrimu and Lorraine took over social media recently after recording videos of themselves dancing and there were mixed reactions about the content that they were doing.

There are people who used to think that dancing is for hourglass models and not plus-sized people but the have changed the narrative and shown the world that dancing is for anyone.

The two TikTok queens met with Commentator254 and they shed some light on body shaming and how it has affected their lives.


According to Wyrimu, everyone was created differently by God, and accepting who you are and how you look is the best medicine when you get bullied.

"Everyone cant have a flat tummy and God didn't create us to look like Beyonce. The main thing that we are trying to put out is being comfortable in your own skin.

"It is your skin, that is your body that you were born in and probably the one that we will bury you with. So just be comfortable in your body," said Wyrimu.

Wyrimu added that she is also not 100 percent comfortable in her body because of her plus-size figure but it is something that she has come to appreciate over time.


She added that one is not entitled to watch their videos at the end of the day but it is always a win for her if someone ends up getting inspired by their videos.

Lorraine spoke about body shaming also and her statement was short and brief putting in mind the fact that whatever someone says about you won't change the fact that we are equal before God.

According to Lorraine, people who body shame others online are just insecure about themselves because sometimes you don't know these people who speak evil about you


She however added that she was once body shamed by her own friend at one time and it affected her mentally.

She got over it with time and what her friend said about her made her strong. She admitted that there is nothing that can pull her down at the moment.


The two TikTok queens concluded by thanking their fans for the support that they have accorded them over time. Wyrimu said that recording TikTok videos has boosted her confidence and that she loves dancing.

Lorraine said that dancing is the best solution to kill boredom and so people should try it whenever they want to feel happy.


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