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I don't take your negativity to heart - Wahu responds to body shaming remarks

Musician Wahu has responded after online comments on her postpartum body.


Kenyan musician Wahu Kagwi has responded to body-shaming remarks posted under a photo she shared on her social media pages.

The mother of three expressed disappointment at her fans who are busy checking out her weight instead of focusing on the importance of the journey ahead on her new milestone at the Talanta Hella Initiative.

'So yesterday I posted a picture of myself during the first joint committee meeting under the Talanta Hela initiative, saying how excited I was about where we're going....but, what took precedence on that is the amount of weight that I've gained.


The 'Sweet Love' hitmaker has acknowledged that she has indeed added weight, but it is a natural thing that happened when she was pregnant with her third-born daughter.

"Sure, I have added a lot of weight. 22.5 kgs to be exact actually, for those who know me, I always add weight. When [I was] pregnant with Tumiso, I added 27kgs," she explained.

The 'Sitishiki' singer took issue with women who she expected would have understood her but were the first people to throw negative comments on the post.

"In the first couple of minutes of the post, there were quite a number of distasteful comments. Unfortunately, many of these were by women.


"These were overtaken by an overwhelming number of +ve comments, again, the majority being by women," she wrote.

Wahu has clarified that the comments did not upset her because she knows and accepts herself.

"Just for the record, I'm not posting this because I'm upset. Unajua, ukijijua, not many external things can get to you... I'm sharing this for us to note that there is hope for a more positive living environment and to encourage anyone who's been a victim of any kind of hate," she noted.


The singer encouraged those who have gone through the same predicament on social media to avoid negativity and focus on their wellbeing.

'"To anyone who has ever been body shamed, remember, what the shamers say is not a reflection of you, it's really a reflection of the quality of the person they are. Wewe uko tu don't take their negativity to heart," Wahu stated.

In a social media post, Wahu's firstborn, Tumiso Mathenge defended her mum saying that she found it absurd that netizens insulted her mom just months after she'd had a baby.


“I find it really sad that women are talking about their bodies. I expected better from us, and she just had a baby. You guys need to grow up for real,” Tumi said in her Instagram stories.

Wahu and her husband, Nameless, welcomed their third-born child, Shiru, in October 2022.

She was recently appointed to the Ministry of Sports' national Talanta Hela Initiative Committee alongside other Kenyan celebrities.


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