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Did Trio Mio diss Kiss 100 presenters in latest freestyle? Why Kenyans think so

Trio Mio responds to Kiss 100 presenters' remarks on his education & career in a viral freestyle

Kenyan rap sensation Trio Mio

Rising rapper Mario TJ Kasela, better known as Trio Mio, has released a freestyle on his social media, which many Kenyans have interpreted as a diss to Kiss 100 presenters Chito Ndhlovu and Cyd Wambui.

In the freestyle, Trio Mio was responding to speculation about his music career, after online banter about his post-high school future was picked up by the presenters who discussed it on a past show.

He started the verse by sampling an on-air conversation between the two radio hosts who urged the rapper to put effort into his music, because even if he passed in the soon-to-be-released KCSE results and failed in his music, he would sink into oblivion.


I am waiting for his music post-KCSE. Already he has released one song and guys are saying that the pressure of KCSE was what was making him release good music.

This year is his make-or-break point…if he passes this year and doesn’t put out like a major hit, imagine he’ll be forgotten,” Chito Ndhlovu said.

Choosing to respond to the discussion in the best way he knows how, Trio Mio pieced together what many have considered a diss track.

He explained that he does not lose a moment’s sleep thinking about the exam results and what they would portend for the rising rapper.

The Cheza Kama Wewe hitmaker also addressed the sad situation facing many Kenyan youths who excelled in their studies but were victims of an economy that did not create jobs to absorb them.


He also highlighted the disconnect between social media and real life, saying that online chatter did not affect the quality of his life and was unbothered by commentary about his lifestyle.

Watch the freestyle below

Reacting to the freestyle, Chito Ndhlovu said he was proud that his on-air conversation inspired the verse, and extended his support to the rapper.


Trio has done a dope freestyle one could say possibly inspired by a conversation Cyd Wambui and I had most recently. We are always happy to be conversation shapers and starters, especially for the Kenyan music/entertainment scene. Looking forward to that Trio 2023 major hit!” he said in a post on Twitter.

However, Kenyans did not take his reaction too kindly, asking him to accept the ‘L’ Trio Mio had handed him in the rap piece.

Kenyans on Twitter sided with the Hapa Kazi Tu rapper, criticising the presenters for their comments about TJ’s rap career.

You guys tried to clown him now you're saving face?” Dj Presley 254 said.

Conversation shaper while much of the conversation was more about bringing down/ trolling the kid. Just apologize,” Cyrus Gee added.


Apologize and find better topics to focus on. You don't raise by belittling others!” Timothy Mambo told the presenter.

Bully a kid and then act as if you're the hero of the story,” Chris Ngaruthi said.

A section of netizens also claimed they did not know who the presenters were before Trio Mio made the ‘famous’ on the freestyle.

More reactions under the tweet.


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