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Voice coach Hellen Mtawali takes on new acting role as 99-year-old granny

Tusker Project Fame judge Hellen Mtawali shines as a 99-year-old in new acting role

Vocal coach Hellen Akoth Mtawali

Hellen Akoth Mtawali, a renowned vocal coach, musician, and former Tusker Project Fame reality show judge, has established herself as a multi-talented and energetic figure in the African entertainment scene.

Beyond her contributions to music and vocal coaching, she's set to captivate audiences as a 99-year-old grandmother in an upcoming movie premiering on Viusasa.

In a recent interview with local media outlets, Hellen Mtawali excitedly shared her foray into acting, revealing her role as a 99-year-old granny in the movie 'Shamba La Wanyama'.


This film, featuring Burundian singers and brothers, Vee and Jose Jay, promises to be a top-notch production.

As a multi-talented artist, Hellen encourages Kenyan musicians to explore various forms of artistic expression beyond singing, such as acting, dancing, and even scriptwriting.

She believes that musicians have the potential to excel in different creative domains, as exemplified in this upcoming movie.


Mtawali emphasised the importance of diversifying one's skills and talents as a musician. She encouraged Kenyan artists to draw inspiration from the diverse talents showcased by Vee and Jose Jay.

The film industry provides an exciting platform for artists to expand their horizons and contribute to multiple art forms.

According to Hellen, musicians should embrace their creative abilities to create a more dynamic and fulfilling artistic journey.


Hellen Mtawali acknowledges the evolving landscape of the Kenyan gospel industry. She highlights the transformative impact of technology and changing musical tastes on the gospel music scene.

While some may lament the shift, Mtawali advises patience and adaptation. She believes that as musicians face new challenges and opportunities, they should continue to focus on delivering high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

Hellen's career spans various aspects of the entertainment industry. Not only is she a vocal coach, musician, and actress, but she also engages in hosting and emceeing events.


The income she generates from her hosting endeavors varies, depending on the nature of the event.

For corporate functions, she earns a substantial amount, while more casual events typically yield around Sh30,000 per day.

The Journey of a Multi-Talented Icon Hellen Mtawali

Mtawlali rose to fame in the 90s through her participation in gospel shows like 'Sing and Shine' and 'Joy Bringers' on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.


Later, her role as a judge on Tusker Project Fame solidified her position as a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Hellen Mtawali showcases her linguistic prowess by fluently speaking sixteen African languages and several international ones. Her repertoire includes Zulu, Ndebele, Kikuyu, Arabic, French, Giriama, Lingala, Luhya, Kinyarwanda, Luo, Swahili, Pidgin English, Kamba, Sukuma, and Shona.

This linguistic diversity enhances her ability to connect with a broad spectrum of audiences and reflects her dedication to promoting authentic African music.


Mtawali is married to Alfred Mtawali, and together they have a daughter, Neema.


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