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She's a specimen of beauty - 'Vaida' hitmaker Harry Richie in love with Nyako

Harry Richie has praised Nyako for her humility & down-to-earth personality

TikToker Nyako & singer Harry Richie

In a surprising turn of events, popular Vaida hit maker Richie Harry Richie has openly expressed his admiration and affection for the controversial TikToker, Nyako.

Despite the perception of other people about Nyako, Richie says he has found himself drawn to her genuine nature and unwavering support.

"Nyako is a great woman. She has a clean heart, She's so supportive na hawezi kudespise mtu," Richie said.

Talking on the Eve Mungai show on Tuesday, Richie revealed that the connection blossomed during a live session, and Richie Harry has become a regular participant, captivated by Nyako's content and loyal following.


Harry Richie unabashedly acknowledges his fondness for Nyako, commending her for her pure-heartedness and unwavering support of others.

He recalls the moment he requested to join her live session, and to his surprise, she graciously welcomed him.


Ever since that encounter, Richie has made it a point to join her live sessions, appreciating her captivating content and the loyal following she has amassed.

When questioned about Nyako's controversial language and the criticism she receives, Richie Harry remains unperturbed.

He explains that in today's society, people are accustomed to exchanging insults, and he is not affected by Nyako's choice of words.


He recognizes her ability to speak her mind and admires her for standing up against societal norms. Richie Harry sees Nyako as a strong and independent woman who is unafraid to express herself authentically.

For him, any attractive and financially independent woman naturally draws the attention of men, and Nyako is no exception.

"Any beautiful woman, stunning, glowing with her own money, we boychild lazma tunaeza kuwa attracted kwake. Nyako is a good woman, hajafika 50, na mimi na hii miaka yangu tukipendana sioni kama kuna shida," he said.


He appreciates her inner beauty, her youthful spirit, and the connection they share. Despite their age difference, Richie Harry is very okay with them getting into a relationship.

According to him, Nyako's on-camera persona is separate from her real-life self. He recognizes her humility and insists that her online presence does not reflect her true character.

"Nyako you are a very humble lady i used to judge you on camera but now I've interacted with you one on one. You are an mazing, a true specimen of beauty," Richie said directing his message to Nyako.

Richie Harry is captivated by Nyako's down-to-earth nature and envisions a future with her, expressing his desire for a loving and supportive relationship.


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