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Vera Sidika shuts down Amber Ray as things get personal with men dragged in

Things got personal in the online beef pitting Vera Sidika and Amber Ray with men dragged in

A collage image of Vera Sidika and Amber Ray

Social media influencers, Vera Sidika and Amber Ray continued to tear each other apart on social media with matters getting personal as they traded allegations of each other’s personal lives and roped in men.

In the latest exchange, Amber Ray has claimed that Vera and Brown Mauzo are struggling financially and as a result, moved out of Kitisuru home to somewhere in Kiserian, Ngong.

The mother of one added extended an offer of a gig to Brown Mauzo, promising to pay him well.

"You claim to inspire us, yet you can't inspire your 'guy' to get a job. Anyway, I'm planning my baby shower, and I'm willing to pay him to perform at least tuone kama talanta itakubali apate kakitu. Sis, you see that life you pretend to live; some of us live it without the need of coming to social media with fake receipts to prove a point. Let's normalise staying in our lanes?" Amber fired before Vera clapped back.


Matters went personal as Vera clapped back, stating that not even Amber Ray’s entire village can afford to pay Brown Mauzo and delving into her alleged source of funds.

She also hinted that Amber’s confidence and offer may be the product of a few coins received from a certain man, noting that she could not afford Brown Mauzo in the past and certainly, not now either.

"You and your entire village combined can't afford to pay my husband for a show. Keep dreaming. He would rather perform for ants and roaches. Were you not the one parading pics with him all over Instagram? If you couldn't afford to pay him, then what makes you think you can afford him now? Oh wait, is it because of the few coins from Mr...I get it, But still can't afford even," she said.


The beef started when Vera accused Amber of copying her gender reveal party and scheming to have hers aired to make it appear like she (Amber) was the creative one.


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