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Vera Sidika steps out looking all snatched up, 1 month after giving birth [Photos]

Vera Sidika flaunts her body on Instagram

Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo and their daughter Asia

Businesswoman and socialite Vera Sidika just released her first photos after giving birth to baby Asia Brown and all we can say is her pregnancy snap back game is on point.

The socialite welcomed her first born one month ago but you can barely tell that she was even pregnant in the first place.

Sharing the snap back photos, Ms Sidika confessed that she loves her new body and even yearning to be slimmer as days go by.

“CS mom & proud. It’s been 1 month of the most beautiful experience ever!!! Thank you @princess_asiabrown for choosing me to me be your mom. 🤱🏽🥺you gave me this glow! ✨ You’re the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen hands down 🙌 God bless you my baby. 🙏


“Asia’s mom @princess_asiabrown 🤱🏽 1 month postpartum CS,” shared Vera Sidika.

On the other hand, Brown Mauzo also took to Instagram to gush over his wife with a message that reads; ‘Mama Asia’s body looking hot just 1 month after CS delivery. Wow 😮 lucky me!!!! Hot mom 😋 @queenveebosset 😋,”.

Vera and hubby Brown Mauzo welcomed their first child together on October 20, 2021. They named her Asia Brown.



On November 3rd, the Beautypreneur said that she can still breastfeed despite undergoing breast surgery (boob job) a few years back.

Sidika made it clear that while going for the breast implants she picked an option that can allow her to breastfeed in future.

“Wale wa; what will her baby feed on since she got her boob surgery done. She can’t breastfeed Blah! Blah!

“You have seen some very healthy nutritious milk coming out of my boobs. Hope y’all; learnt something. So yes I had a breast surgery and I can healthily breastfeed,” said Ms Sidika.


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