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How singing landed Wahu in trouble in her 20s

Wahu is a mother of three beautiful daughters

Wahu Kagwi

Singer and mother, Wahu Kagwi, vividly recounted a period in her life when it turned into a nightmare solely because of her passion for singing.

According to Wahu, during her twenties, she managed to secure a one-bedroom house. She went as far as signing the contracts and making the necessary payment for it.

However, her joy was abruptly shattered when she received an unexpected phone call, informing her that she was no longer allowed to move into the house.


Wahu revealed that she faced discrimination from a Christian group who denied her access to the house.

She believed that this happened solely because of her career as a musician, although they never explicitly stated it to her face.

She shared her disappointment at being judged based on being a young woman who loved singing. Others speculated that she might bring men to the house or engage in regular drinking.

According to Wahu, she was never given the opportunity to showcase her true character, as she was evicted from the premises even before she had the chance to move in.


Ironically, the same institution later approached Wahu for an ambassadorial deal. However, she made the decision to decline the offer, despite not holding any grudges against them.

First on the list is Wahu, a household name in the Kenyan music industry. Wahu burst into the scene in the early 2000s with her hit songs ‘Liar’, and ‘Sweet Love’.

Wahu's melodious voice, catchy tunes, and meaningful lyrics have endeared her to many fans across the country and beyond.


She has won numerous awards, including the prestigious MTV Africa Music Award for Best Female Artist in 2010.

Several years down the line and Wahu is still causing a stir on the Kenya's music scene. Her recent banger is Deep’ featuring her husband, Nameless.


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