Why Internet Sensation Azziad Nasenya is trending on Twitter

I think she's playing with our minds - KOT

Azziad Nasenya

Internet sensation cum actress Azziad Nasenya is back at it again, and we mean as a trend in Kenya.

The Tik Tok ‘queen’ has caused a stir online with Kenyans on Twitter jumping on her latest video.

On Tuesday morning, Azziad posted a video in which she addressed how to differentiate between fake friendship and true friendship.

Ms. Nasenya said that to know a true friend, you have to fake a situation or put yourself in trouble and see how many people are going to stick by you.

If you want to know you have a real friend or if your friends are real come up with a scenario, fake it, put yourself in trouble and then you will see how many people are going to stand by your side or how many are still going to stick by you. You'd actually be surprised with how many people are still going to be your friends or who are going to stand with you past that situation that you'd faked. Point of this whole story I am talking about is if you find real people, keep them, they’re hard to find.

So, this is where it got interesting and these comments by the internet sensation rubbed people the wrong way.

However, some tweeps came to Azziad’s defense.

In June 2020, Azziad had opened up on how tough it was on her side when trolls wouldn’t stop attacking her, revealing that she would cry herself to sleep, because she couldn’t take it.

Ms. Nasenya mentioned that she sometimes wondered what she did to deserve the hatred that came from netizens, yet all she was trying to do is live a dream she had from when she was young.

Azziad’s video


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