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Would you remain at Citizen TV for triple the salary? - Willis Raburu responds

Willis Raburu reveals how fiancée & parents reacted to decision to quit Citizen TV

Willis Raburu poses for a photo

Media personality Willis Raburu has responded to a tough question of whether he would reconsider his exit from Citizen TV if his employer triples his salary, and how he communicated his decision to his fiancée Ivy Nyamu and his parents.

During an interview with Mark Masai, Raburu said that he had already thought about all possible outcomes of his decision to leave the station after 13 years.

The news presenter and show host said that Citizen TV has given him opportunities for growth and his salary was not a big factor in his decision to quit.

When you are making a decision such as this, you have to consider that what if is they increase my salary? There are people who use things like these to increase their salary,” he said.


Mark Masai asked him what would happen if the station offered to triple his salary as he prepares to meet with Royal Media Services chair S.K Macharia.

If you say triple the salary, I have to think about my children but the thing I am saying is that this is something I had already considered, that this might happen. These are the big boys, but that only solves the problem for a while,” he said.

According to Raburu, the primary reason he was leaving Citizen TV was to pursue personal and professional growth and rest.

He also revealed that he had received calls from other media stations but would evaluate every offer individually.


A place where you have worked for that long, you owe it to them to keep listening if they have something. Also, all these people seeking you out are not dumb, you owe it to them to listen,” he said.

Speaking about breaking the news to his family, Raburu said his father was the most difficult to convince.

He said that he first told his fiancée Ivy who supported him and believed in his decision to leave Citizen TV and pursue other things.

For Ivy, she has such a belief in me and my capabilities,” he said.


Raburu said he broke the news to his mother over the phone and she offered to pray with him after inquiring whether he had informed his fiancée. As for his dad, the conversation was a bit more complex.

I told him you know dad, I need you to believe in me as I believe in myself because I believe in me and God and with those two things I can’t fail,” he said.

When my dad is extra serious he calls me young man. He said Young man you sound confident, alright go ahead,” he added.


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