Comedian Eric Omondi sarcastically reacted to the revelation made by TV Girl Dana De Grazia who had duped Netizens with a Fake Tattoo bearing his name on her thighs.

In a post, seen by Pulse Live, a joking Omondi said that it’s hard to trust anything done by Nairobi girls', as they are always faking things.

“Yaaani hii NairobiHakuna Kitu real...The only real thing ni Rent ya nyumba...Am not even sure I am the real Eric Omondi anymore...Na venye nilikua nimejichochaa...Women are trash” shared Eric Omondi.

Former Ebru TV Presenter Dana de Grazia
Former Ebru TV Presenter Dana de Grazia


In an explanation, the former Ebru TV presenter disclosed that she got the fake tattoo, after an agreement with Omondi, as she was taking part in an inked competition.

Last week, Ms Grazaia duped Kenyans with a fake tattoo, prompting Netizens to offer divided opinions.

“Nilikua nadai Eric aniokolee na compe ya tattoo enye naparticipate na hio idea ya tattoo ilikuwa yangu. Eric was gracious and amazing thru the whole process and I appreciate what he did for me it’s only about poor timing in my opinion as now the stories are colliding. The tattoo is henna done by @halzheena. The loo video was filmed almost two weeks ago (evident by the lack of my new finger tattoos)

- Hio video ya loo ilifanywa kitu wiki mbili zimepita( huwezi cheki tattoos nimepiga kwa vidole saa hii)” explained Dana De Grazia.

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Dana De Grazia
Dana De Grazia

The TV girl was forced to explain herself after being accused clout chasing using other people’s names.