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Zari Hassan Mocks Wema Sepetu as their beef escalates on Social Media (Screenshot)

Drama Galore!

Zari Hassan  and Wema Sepetu

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan is out here throwing shade at former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu, over a recent comment she made about her.

A fan reached out to Zari with reports that Ms Sepetu was talking ill of her, weeks after she alleged that the actress was clout-chasing when she reported that her Dog had gone missing.

Zari Mbwa wako hajapotea kama wa Wema? Alafu wema alikujibu vibaya BossLady” posed the fan.

The comment prompted Zari to fire back, stating that she can offer the actress some food because actress is too slim.


“Its Ramadahan na Natoa msada. She could use some free food, naona kabakisha kichwa tu. Iyo Njaa, let her eat some food she will be fine” reads Zari’s reply.

However, in a quick rejoinder, the Bongo Movie actress hit back saying that she was brought up well and taught not to argue with her elders.

“Kugombana na watu wazima ni kujitafutia laana... Na mimi nina heshima sana kwa wakubwa zangu... Pia ni mskivu... Nafanyia kazi ushauri... ☺️☺️☺️” Wema fired back.


Not the First Time

This is not the first time Zari and Wema are embroiled in a public fall out. Back in February 2018, Ms Hassan alleged that Wema broke her marriage with Diamond.

In an interview with BBC Swahili Dira ya Dunia in London, Zari said that the act of Diamond getting cozy and showing an intimate closeness with Wema at WCB singer Mbosso’s launch party in January (2018), was the reason that made her dump Diamond.

“Diamond and I have broken up. In other words, it is done! I blocked him since videos showing him cozying up to his ex-girlfriend, went viral online” She said.


Envy Zari

On the other hand, in November 2020 Wema disclosed that she used to envy Zari Hassan when she hooked up with Diamond Platnumz after their breakup.

According to Wema, she felt like Zari was living her dream life with Diamond and her (Zari) getting pregnant for him within months of meeting used to disturbed her a lot.

Ms Sepetu also disclosed that she had blood covenant with Platnumz at a time they were deeply in Love.


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