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It is true! Mike Sonko's very pregnant daughter has parted ways with politician fiancé

The two love birds have been facing a lot of opposition about their relationship for quite a while now.

Benson and Saumu are expecting twins.

If you didn’t know, Saumu and Benson have been living together for quite a while now. We’ve watched them parade their power love on various occasions and right after celebrating a very affluent baby shower it seems unreal that the two love birds are fighting.

But reliable sources have confirmed the story that indeed Saumu and the father of her unborn twins took separate paths. Saumu who is set to become a mother any time in the next two weeks has been living at her mother’s place in Runda for the past month.

No one is sure about what exactly is going on with the two as none has publicly shared their part of the story, however, sources reveal that theirs was an opposed relationship from the get go. Her father, the highly sort Mike Sonko wasn’t really happy with their union. Speaking to one of the local dailies he  expressed his fury stating that Benson was someone who wants to joyride on the Sonko family name to gain political mileage. This put off every rumor that he, Sonko, had taken up his daughter’s fiancé as a protégé showing him the way around politics as Benson eyes the Mathioya parliamentary seat. Sonko said, “I am very bitter about this and advise other leaders not to allow their daughters or family members to fall into this trap."


But was it really?

We’ve watched them attend events in choppers and splurge on expensive matching outfits, in fact, no one expected it to turn out this way. In fact, late January this year, Saumu threatened to sue a local radio station for implying that her relationship with Ben was falling apart.

Still, a few days ago, Saumu took to her Instagram page to express the following, “ Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves u. Grows you or makes you happy.”

Quite cryptic a message but then again, what about this vivacious young mami isn’t so enigmatic?

Oh and by the way, she's deleted all the photos of her and bae from her Instagram page.


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