Citizen TV anchor denounces his popular church, claims it is a cult in viral rant [Video]

It is not a church. It is a cult

File image of Citizen TV studios where Kimani Mbugua works

Popular Citizen TV anchor, Kimani Mbugua has denounced the Seventh Day Adventist church which he has been an active member for close to 20 years.

Taking to Facebook in a scathing attack, the youthful anchor dismissed the church as a cult, adding that he arrived at the conclusion after thorough research and deep understanding of the church and its doctrines.

Mbugua who has been a member of the church since childhood opined that the church members are rigid in their approach to life and incapable of having an open mind.

"I was very wrong and I am willing to admit it. I was very wrong in how I mistook the level of understanding that SDAs and Adventists have of the material they are consuming.

"I was born in SDA and now I know that SDA is not a church. It is a cult," stated the anchor boldly.

"I was born that way and raised that way. This is the only thing I have known for about 20 years from when I was a child to when I was an adult, there was a path for me and I followed it diligently," opined Mbugua.

He maintained that he holds strong views against Ellen Gold White who is one of the founders of SDA church whose books he has reviewed and concluded that the founder was a fraud.

"I have read every single Ellen book... and I will show you that she is a fraud. Your life would be easier if you were out in a Sunday worshipping service. In fact, I think those people are happy.

"Here is how you know it is a cult. If you don't read, the people who read the most get indoctrinated the most and get so deep in the cult they never see the other side and that was who I was," added Mbugua.


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