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Jeff Koinange speaks on forcing Hussein and Janet Mbugua into the streets

On 1st March 2017, Jeff Koinange’s show JKL went live on Citizen TV after last year’s fiasco that saw the pea-body journalist showbiz the door at KTN.

Jeff Koinange at Citizen TV

But as the streets claim, everything wasn’t all swell and dandy after the other anchors allegedly realised that Jeff was taking home a clean 2 Million joining the ranks of Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i who take home such staggering figures.

Various blogs claimed that the reason why Janet Mbugua was leaving was not that she had been asked to drop her endorsements but because she was earning 500, 000 Kshs which was a fraction of what Jeff who recently joined the media house earns.


And the problem was that Jeff only come to work once a week while the rest toiled hard and should have at least been appraised since Janet and Hussein Mohammed are very popular among the audience.

According to a survey by Ipsos Synovate Kenya they are the main reason why people watch Citizen TV news due to their unparalleled chemistry and ease in front of the camera. Apparently dissatisfied with the big Kahuna in town who was earning more for less work, Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohammed handed in their resignation, ready to face the streets if Citizen TV did not see their value.

But as Jeff revealed, all this talk about him pushing the two out of Citizen ni porojo tu, poppycock and should be treated as so. He told local entertainment website Ghafla! That the duo is still in the station and his salary has not caused any tension at Royal Media services.


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