Lilian Muli reveals 1 thing she won't do after her baby is born

Ms Muli opens up

According to the TV siren, who usually gives updates on her pregnancy journey via a show dubbed #PregnantwithLilian on Viusasa, the main reason behind her decision is to ensure her baby is not exposed to online trolls.

No revealing face

She added that she will not reveal the face of her new born until she is all grown.

“I will not reveal the baby’s face. In as much as many people have been supportive and happy for me, there are those who have said the most heartless things, and it shocks me that people can be so openly vicious and unkind. When baby is bigger, yes, I might. There will be no social media account for my baby,” revealed Ms Muli

“The greatest rumour I heard about my pregnancy is that its Jeff Koinange’s, seriously guys, really!! I have been able to feel some moments, that must be the baby’s foot. My belly is now visible and now people what to touch it. For me and my partner we are happy  that we are having a child together and everyone knows what role to play." said Lilian Muli


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