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“Anaweza sana!” Fans go wild after Maina Kageni was spotted kissing yummy radio presenter (Photo)

Maina Kageni is one of the most sought after radio presenters in the country and reportedly earns a seven figure salary at Classic 105.

Maina Kageni

He has also invested heavily in real estate in Kenya and has residential houses in Nairobi and a couple of apartments in the United States specifically Miami, Florida. In addition, he co-owns a modelling agency in Lagos with one of the P Square brothers owning the other half. But despite his generous salary and property, he doesn’t consider himself a rich man.

“Are you a rich man?” Daily Nation enquired in a 2011 interview to which he replied with “It depends on what you mean by ‘rich’. If being rich means going for holidays any time I want, then I am a rich man. If it means helping others, then I am a rich man and if it means having no money to buy a building worth Sh100 million at Karen then I am poor. Some people say I have a lot of money, but I think I just earn good money and live a quality life.”

Due to the fact that he earns good money and lives a quality life a large number of his fans want him married with a couple of kids and a white picket fence. This is because in African culture, when a man has made it, people feel that the money should be put into a family life.

And due to the fact that they want him happily married, people often ‘hook’ him up with every attractive age-appropriate lady he is seen with. Now a kiss on radio presenter and Trend panelist Njambi Koikai has triggered a flurry of comments that insinuate that they thought Maina has finally found a wife-material lady.


Here are some reactions to the photo:

Nashgitau: Hako ndio uko nako dubz maina? Size yako kabisa

rin_gaitho254: But this manenos inaweza sana

prettymarylyne:We already have the monday's discussion....@mwalimchurchill dont fail us.Your prayers about to be hear

luizahngugi: Huko nyuma wanakula kwa


katherine_cryer: Fire mama Njambi

javanmwangie:Usipo tembea utabebwa mgongoni Maina sasa umeingia palipo


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